Vintage Estates in Boardman to host three day Jackie O’s Tap Takeover

One of the best, if not THE best, bottle shops in all of Ohio is teaming up with one of the best (if not the best) breweries in Ohio for a three day Tap Takeover of epic proportions. 
From July 28th to the 30th, Vintage Estates in Boardman will host Jackie O’s on all thirty taps. They’ve even negotiated special rates on rooms at a few local hotels For out of towners who want to attend multiple days.

This tap list is as good as it gets!!!  
1. Mystic Mama

2. Razz Wheat

3. Hop Ryot

4. Firefly Amber

5. Chomolungma

6. New Growth

7. Ricky 

8. Mandala Citra 

9. Matriarch 

10. Dark Apparition 

11. Oil of Aphrodite 

12. Gose 

13. Berliner Weisse

14. White Apparition Nitro  

15. Bourbon Barrel Dark Apparition 

16. Bourbon Barrel Oil of Aphrodite 

17. Bourbon Barrel Brick Kiln 

18. Appervation 

19. Chiron’s Flame

20. Cuvee 11

21. Scrip 

22. Off The Beaten Path 2 

23. Kinda Fuzzy 

24. Cool Beans 

25. Dilly Dally Pale Ale 

26. Next Level Lager

27. Elle 

28. Oro Negro

29. Bourbon Barrel Coffee Oil 

30. Funky South Paw

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