Beercation: Mother Stewart’s Brewing Co., Springfield, OH

First in a Series

Springfield's Mother Stewart's Brewing Co. opened in 2016 and recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary. Much like many recent success stories in which a local brewery opens and becomes a catalyst for other business growth, Mother Stewart's took the lead in opening in a downtrodden part of downtown, and now local businesses are seeing their success and considering opening up nearby.
The brewery opened in an old factory at 109 W. North Street, and estimates it brewed between 600 and 700 barrels of beer in year one, with 90 percent of those sales coming in the taproom. And with a space as beautiful as this, why would you want to go anywhere but straight to the source to try their brews?
The old factory the $2.5 million brewery opened in, after major renovations, was once part of the Metallic Casket Co. campus. The space is beautiful and features an outdoor biergarten which is family friendly.

As outside sales can be challenging, to say the least, for any upstart brewery in a crowded craft beer market where tap handle and shelf space is at a premium, an incredible taproom experience could be the key for any brewery that wants to survive when the inevitable bubble bursts. In that regard, it would seem Mother Stewart's has planned well.
Mother Stewart's popular taproom hosts many on site events including yoga, multiple concert series, food trucks, festivals, and an annual Oktoberfest.

The Beer

Mother Stewart's is not breaking any new ground as far as we can see in terms of creating new amazing flavor profiles, world class sours, or new genre defying experimental beers, but they are introducing craft beer to an underserved market. They are the first and only brewery in Springfield, which is nestled about halfway between Columbus and Dayton. No one is going to mistake them as being the next TreeHouse, Trillium, or even Hoof Hearted. But they are turning out solid true to style beers, at least if UnTappd ratings are any indication. They average a cumulative 3.61 caps score for all their beers with their New England Imperial IPA (3.80) leading the way, and their Witbier, Marzen, and Vienna Lager all tied for second with respectable 3.66 scores. The beers don't have any crazy craft beer names, but are rather named for the style that they are brewed.

The Bottom Line

Mother Stewart's is a one-tank trip worthy stop on a beercation when strung together while touring several other higher profile breweries. It's a short detour off Interstate 70 and we believe would make a great side stop on the way to hitting some Dayton area breweries such as Warped Wing, Toxic Brew Co, and Fifth Street Brewpub. The ambience of the space alone makes it appear to be something worth a stop.

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