Former Portside CLE brewer Vaughn Stewart aims to find new life with Bookhouse Brewing venture

It didn’t take Vaughn Stewart long to get back in the game. The former Director of Brewing and Distilling Operations at Portside CLE, which abruptly closed its doors in September of this year, has applied for a state of Ohio A1C manufacture on premise license for a site at 1526 W. 25th Street in Cleveland on the edge of Ohio City. The address on the filing indicates that Bookhouse Brewing will occupy suites C&D of the store fronts at Street level of the W. 25th Lofts, a new 83 unit apartment complex.

Further research led us to the Securities and Exchange commission website where we were able to find a Form D filing with Stewart’s name on it. Stewart is listed as one of two Executive Officers for the newly formed Bookhouse Brewing, LLC (the other is Luke Brevoort, a Cleveland based musician and friend of Stewart’s). The two other owners listed on the filing appear to be relatives of Stewart’s from Harbor Springs, Michigan.

Stewart began his brewing career at Arcadia Brewing in Battle Creek, MI as a cellar man/brewer, and was promoted to Brewing Manager of the Kalamazoo location in June of 2014. He was hired to take over brewing operations at Portside in March of 2016, according to his LinkedIn profile. He has served as an Independent Consultant on all things craft beer since Portside closed and is currently studying for his Master Ciccerone degree. He already holds a Certified Ciccerone license and is a BJCP beer judge with the rank of certified. Stewart indicated at the time of Portside’s closure that he had a strong desire to remain in the Cleveland area, and received strong words of support from the brewing community that he would quickly land back on his feet. A Facebook page was established with the Bookhouse name as a placeholder in October, and a post this morning confirmed the A1C application.

“It’s true, we have filed for a manufacturers license with the state of Ohio,” the post said. “Stay tuned, because January is going to be a big month for us. Thanks for all the support so far!”

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