State Line Brewers Guild Ale Trail: Beaver Brewing Company

First of 14 in a series on the upcoming Ale Trail spanning six counties and two states

Beaver Brewing Company sits on 7th Avenue in Beaver Falls, PA. It’s the kind of place that is easy to overlook. The store front looks like a 1950’s era Five and Dime. It sits next to several fairly nondescript buildings on the edge of the downtown area. You’re not going to find them on draft anywhere and you almost certainly aren’t able to pick up a six pack of their beer at your local bottle shop. If you want to try brewer Dan Woodske’s creations, you’ll have to go to his quiet, unassuming beer pub in this quiet town of under 9,000 residents 31 miles northwest of Pittsburgh on the Beaver River.

Just how unassuming is it? A 2015 article by Tom Hoffman of described it as “the least pretentious bar in Western Pennsylvania, equal parts beer pub, 80’s child playground, and townie bar with decor best described as thrift shop chic.” It’s the antithesis of some of the polished rustic industrial taprooms that have become so en vogue with the current explosion of craft breweries… and that’s perfectly okay with owner / brewer Woodske.

By his own admission he doesn’t want to work a lot. The same 2015 article above describes him as a dedicated “anti 9 to 5 er”. He’s been brewing on the same 1.5 barrel “brewhouse” he has been since investing less than $10,000 to start up in 2010. The brewpub itself has been open since 2013, and he has no plans to expand beyond his small local nano set up. He has only two or three flagships and outside of those rarely if ever brews the same beer twice. In fact, a visit to his Untappd presence (which boasts a fairly impressive aggregate score of 3.82 for all his beers) reveals over 160+ beers. Some of the irreverent concoctions include a basil beer, a simcoe-rosemary IPA, caramel banana winter wheat, a beer brewed with oolong tea, and a nutmeg pumpkin Saison, just to name a few.

Unassuming, unorthodox, unpretentious. You get the impression this is just the way Dan Woodske wants his place to be known…. just a “cool place to hang out and have a beer.”

Mission accomplished.

(All pictures courtesy of Beaver Brewing Company Facebook page)


Beaver Brewing Company

1820 7th Avenue, Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Founded: 2010 (brewpub in 2013)

Brewery type: Nanobrewery

Brewery size: 1.5 bbl

Head brewer / owner: Dan Woodske

Flagship beers: I.Porter.A, Chamomile Wheat

Hours: Thursday through Saturday, 4-10pm

Additional reading: “It Always Comes Out Beer”, by Tom Hoffman (

Coming Wednesday: Biker Brewhouse, Austintown, OH

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