Shale Brewing to relocate, open taproom

BREAKING: Shale Brewing Company has confirmed they are moving from their current production space on 2nd Street SE in downtown Canton, Ohio to 7253 Whipple Avenue in North Canton, Ohio. Head of Brewing Operations Jason Gasper-Hulvat confirmed the pending move this afternoon. It’s been widely known for some time that the currently distribution only brewery has been seeking a space where they can open up a taproom.

“The intention is to have a taproom open as soon as possible with the timeline largely dependent on TTB and state approval processes.”, Gasper-Hulvat said in response to an inquiry. The 10 barrel production brewery hired the brewer away from Canton Brewing Company last year when they launched their own brewing and bottling operation in downtown Canton, after previously brewing on contract at Thirsty Dog in Akron, Ohio.

The brewery’s logo is a drilling rig, so it’s not surprising they have performed well in parts of the state where the oil-industry is heaviest. They are mostly known for their Roughneck Red Amber Ale, but also brew beers such as Cold Rolled Pale Ale, Coffee Cream Stout, and Deep Driller Porter, and are in 150 accounts statewide, with plans to move into West Virginia on the horizon.

No opening date for the taproom is set yet.

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