State Line Brewers Guild Ale Trail: Brew32

Fifth in a series of 14 articles spotlighting the member breweries of a new Ale Trail launching in March, which will span six counties and two states

Homebrewing is a great hobby. Everyone who has ever picked it up knows it can quickly become an obsession. The constant pursuit of perfection (which is almost unattainable, and most brewers professional and novice alike will tell you that you never stop learning) leads to constantly making new batches and new styles. Eventually your personal inventory becomes so large than you realize you couldn’t possibly drink it all and have to start giving it away, or at least have lots of parties to get feedback from family, friends, and neighbors.

For Walt Novosel, that’s kind of the way it began as well. It was a neat hobby that “got out of control” and ultimately came to the same end that many homebrewers dreams do: In the form of opening their own brewery.

Brew32 is the realization of that “out of control” hobby, and also the realization that not everyone drinks wine. You see, Novosel and his wife Katie, were already entrenched in the crafted beverage business for a time before the idea to open a brewery ever came into existence. The Pulaski, PA family also owns Nova Cellars Winery, which happens to be on the same 152 acre property just a short drive across the OH-PA border. The winery came first, and is on the lower level of a former concession stand building of an popular old swimming destination from yesteryear. Craft beer fans are directed up the stairs to the brewery area.

Brew 32 itself opened in October of 2016. According to Marketing Manager Kaitlyn Stoyer, “It is fully themed to encompass a 1900s sports bar. The style is black and white with simplistic vintage sports equipment around for decor, including the authentic boxing bell that rings nightly for last call.” Pictures are displayed in one corner of the brewery of Pittsburgh Pirate legends Bill Mazeroski and Roberto Clemente, painted by Walt Novosel’s Aunt.

Current brewmaster Matt Turk enjoys being creative and bringing the beer names to life by relating them all to a famous athlete from the 1900s era. “It’s really exciting to listen and watch guests as they do their own style of trivia trying to guess which jersey/number matches with the athlete and how it ties into the beer itself,” Turk says. He gets most of his brewing style and profile ideas by doing his fair share of book and field research to bring whatever inspires him to the kettle that week.

Brew 32 aims to appeal to all beer lovers by keeping a wide variety of styles on tap. They feel that just because their palates like one thing doesn’t mean they should only focus on that. You can judge for yourself if they’ve got something for your particular palate this month when Brew 32 joins the ranks of the 14 stop State Line Brewers Guild Ale Trail.


Brew 32

1474 State Route 208 Pulaski, PA 16143

Opened: October 2016

Brewmaster: Matt Turk

Brewhouse size: 7 barrel

Flagship Beers – #68 Jagr Lager – light Pilsner, #10 Shaun of the Shred: cranberry ginger shandy, #37 Ali’s Honey Brown: Honey Brown Ale, #75 Mean Greene Citra Machine: Citra hopped IPA

Best Seller: Year round would be a push between Shaun of the Shred and Jagr Lager. Seasonals always have their peaks though as we do a lot of fun scratch beers.

Winter Hours: Mon-Thursday 12-8, Fri-sat 11-10pm, Sunday 12-5pm (kitchen closed 30mins prior to Bar)

Photo credits: External shot of Brew32/Nova Cellars building and Novosel family photo from ribbon cutting day 2016: Mary Grzbieniak, Newcastle News Online; Inside Taproom shot, Typical draft line up card: Dan Swank,

Additional reading:

“Nova Destinations One-Two Punch”, by Dan Swank,, December 12th 2016:

Craft brewery opens up in Pulaski Twp”, by Mary Grzbieniak, New Castle News, October 14th 2016:

“Novosel expects a home run with Brew 32”, by Jim Cyphert, Youngstown Vindicator, October 30 2016:–will/

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