Royal Docks Brewing to release new beer in tribute to 330 Area Code

Royal Docks Brewing Company of Canton has announced that they will release a new beer this summer, Three Three Zero, a tribute to the area they call home. The brewery has released several new beers in cans already this spring, including a new IPA that is a tribute to baseball season, and a crushable summer beer that would be suitable for consumption on your back patio or deck on a hot summer day.

The full press release is below:



[Canton, Ohio, March 30, 2018] — The Royal Docks Brewing Company announces today the release of a new brand, THREE THREE ZERO, later this summer.

Coming on the heels of the release of two other new brands – LEATHERHAND AMERICAN IPA and BACKYARD CRUSHER – on draught and in 16oz. cans this spring, the THREE THREE ZERO brand will be also be available in 16 oz. cans as summer 2018 wanes.

“As we expand into markets all over Ohio – to places like Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, Marietta, Lorain and Youngstown – one thing we hear literally every time we visit new customers is that either they or someone they know is from our neck of the woods,” Royal Docks founder John Bikis said. “You hear, ‘I’m from Massillon’, or ‘My wife grew up in Goodyear Heights’ or something similar everywhere you go in Ohio.”

“That feeling we get when we’re out in the field that the people from our hometown are out there pulling for us made us want to create something special to both give them something to remind them of home and to give everyone else a little taste of what we’re doing here in the 3-3-0,” said Brewmaster Dave Sutula. “We’ve been playing with a lot of ideas in our taproom brewery lately and have really started to home in on something pretty special.”

“We think people will be pretty surprised when we reveal the actual liquid because it’s not really something we’re known for at Royal Docks,” Bikis said.

“It’s going to be fun at the very least,” Sutula continued. “I’m jazzed about this beer not only because its turning out better and better with each iteration but because I think it also says something about how we’re evolving in this market and what sort of brewery we’re becoming.”


Founded in 2015, Royal Docks is a brewery and taproom that fuses the craft beer renaissance with pub culture in a contemporary, American style.

We produce big beer in small batches and offer them on draught and in cans all around Northeast and Central Ohio.

All of our beers can be sampled at our taproom in Jackson Township, Canton, Ohio featuring our critically-acclaimed kitchen, regular live entertainment and growler fills (32oz & 64oz) of most of our beers.

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