Sandy Springs Brewing Company to add “Brewers Quarters” lodging options

Minerva, OH — The husband and wife team behind Minerva’s Sandy Springs Brewing Company have purchased two adjacent buildings next to the downtown brewery and plan to put in ‘Brewers Quarters’.

“We get people every week from far away. Now we will have a cool place for them to stay [when they are in town]”, said owner Amanda Conrad. “We partnered with Ross and Renae Blair (our contractors [who helped build the brewery]. We are like family now after the whole brewery project. We hope to have the first one open by the holidays. It will be a two bedroom unit.”

Conrad and her husband Andy say the buildings need some major TLC, but they also say they love to restore old buildings. Anyone who has set foot in their downtown taproom can see the love they put into bringing an old blighted building back to life, so there is no doubt they will put the same energy and love into restoring these buildings as they did into the building that now houses their 5 barrel brewery and taproom.

“They are going to be just like our brewery. The same furniture and old wood,” continued Amanda Conrad. The taproom utilizes reclaimed wood from a 200 year old family barn that burned down while they were in the planning stages of the building of Sandy Springs.

“When Andy and I moved back to Ohio in 2013 and were in the process of [developing] our business plan, we travelled around to study more about what was working on our area,” she said. “We knew what we liked out west, but were unsure how it would be accepted here in the northeast.”

Specifically she mentioned remembering wanting to go to a certain brewery about 2 hours away from where they were living at the time, wanting to spend a night close to the brewery, and being unable to find any lodging options on AirBNB, the online bed and breakfast booking site. It was that inability to find something close to where they were staying that stuck with them, and they knew they would want to eventually have some sort of option along those lines for visitors traveling from out of town to visit their own brewery.

The plan is to offer different packages that tie in with a visit to the brewery and encourage visitation to other area businesses while in town.

“Our small town has a lot to offer,” Conrad said. “We can’t wait to have more people here to show them why we love this town so much!”

They are naming the new venture the “Sandy Springs Brewing Company Brewers Quarters”. Each unit will be named something different, and of course it will be brewery themed: The Cellarman, The Assistant, The Brewmaster, etc.

Beer tourism has become big business across the country, and the idea of lodging physically attached to the brewery is not a new one. Scotland based brewery BrewDog, which last year opened their first production facility in Ohio just outside of Columbus, plans to open a massive hotel later this month which features a beer bar on each room among other amenities. Sandy Springs venture won’t be as grandiose in scale, but the rooms themselves will have the same rustic and cozy feel that the taproom has.

You can follow their progress on social media.

Facebook: SsbcBrewersQuarters

Instagram: ssbcbrewersquarters

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