Urban Artifact to release Experimental Beer with Rare Brazilian Fruit

Urban Artifact Introduces “The Tumi”

CINCINNATI, OH – Urban Artifact Brewery has announced they are releasing a beer brewed with Yellow Mombin. The Brazilian native fruit is said to taste similar to a mango but with a touch of banana and bit more tart than a mango. The Cincinnati based brewery is known for its focus on fruity, sour brews, but it’s becoming just as well known for the innovative use of exotic (for beer, at least) ingredients. The beer will be the first in their new Curiosity Series (their experimental line of “Midwest Fruit Tart” brews).


Beer Name: The Tumi (First of the Curiosity Series)

Beer Style: Midwest Fruit Tart

Fruit Used: Yellow Mombin (AKA Cajá or Hog Plum)

Available: Limited and draft only

Where: Urban Artifact Taproom 1660 Blue Rock St, Cincinnati, OH 45223

The brewery said in a press release that though the mombin has been naturalized to Africa, Southern Asia, and the Carribean, it is considered native to the tropical Americas, and is rarely cultivated outside of Brazil. It is usually eaten fresh or made into juice, jellies, and sherberts. After researching the fruit and what it’s used for in other parts of the world, the brewery took a calculated risk, as they are often known to do, and ordered 3,200 pounds of frozen yellow mombin purée.

“Until we opened the drums, we had no first-hand experience with it,” explains Matt Bradley, lead brewer on ‘The Tumi.’ “We didn’t know what it was going to be like to work with, nor had we ever tasted it,” Bradley chuckles. “But we were more than pleased with its unique flavor, and the beer has been a hit in our taproom.”

“As far as we’ve been able to tell, we’re the first brewery to use Yellow Mombin in a beer,” says head brewer and brewery co-founder Bret Kollmann.

This past August, Urban Artifact hosted their third annual Bewilderfest, which not only featured three stages of eclectic regional music over two days, it included the special release of many rare variants of their brews, special infusions made for the event, as well as the latest additions to their spontaneously fermented barrel-aged sour fruited beers.

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