UPDATE: North Water Street property in Kent NOT currently linked to rumored brewery tenant

Kent, OH – Not so fast on that new brewery in downtown Kent, says one of the building’s owners.

The property at 257 North Water Street in Kent, believed to be linked to a new brewery project for the section of downtown known as the Mill District and currently undergoing a major demolition / renovation, does not in fact have a tenant signed, sealed, and delivered.

A Thursday afternoon article by NEOCBN revealed photos of construction taking place on the site in which the entire back side of the century and a half year old building was torn down, revealing the gutted insides of the newer front section of the building. Our article also referenced a sign in the window during a Better Block event from last fall that said “Opening In 2019: The North Water Brewing Company”. With construction finally under way, and putting two and two together, we speculated that the above referenced brewery might be the first tenant for the renovated building.

This afternoon, a member of the investment group that owns the building reached out to us via text and confirmed that as of today in fact, no tenant currently exists. Patrick Madonio, one of eight partners in the project said via text, “To date their is no tenant for the building. [We are] not sure where North Water Brewing is with their project. Our timelines never seemed to match up so we parted ways. At this point with demo complete, we’re on a 20 week construction schedule.”

Mr. Madonio also stated that the building, upon completion of the project, would be two open floors with roughly 2,300 square feet of space per floor.

“We’d love to see a brewery or taproom occupy all or some of the building,” he said. “We’re in the process of getting city approval for patios on the north side and the front of the building.”

The ownership group also currently has a full D5 liquor license which they’d lease to a prospective tenant. He also suggested that an existing brewery could potentially open a second taproom and not brew on site if the space didn’t work for them or wasn’t large enough for their needs to house both a brewhouse and a taproom.

When asked about North Water Brewing, other than that they had parted ways, he had no additional information on where that project stood currently on their timeline or even if it was still happening.

Mr. Madonio can be reached by cell phone at (330) 958-8847 if a prospective aspiring entrepreneur looking to start up a nanobrewery, or an existing brewery looking for a footprint in a college town with a strong craft beer culture wanted more information.

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